Art to Outfit: A Wintery Date

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Last week I got a request for inspiration for a wintery date outfit from reader, Amanda. When she asked I realized I have this same trouble from time to time. Let’s be honest when it is snowing hard and below 20 degrees outside it hard to want to bare your legs and anything other than wool socks and snow boots with a chunky sweater, right? So I thought Amanda’s question posed a good challenge. I am a big fan of the black dress and the possibility is has to look killer on any woman. So nothing seemed more perfect than a long sleeved black dress to make you feel cozy over a candle light dinner this weekend. Throw on a silky scarf full of nice pastels to make the outfit seem lighter, fun, and girly and less office. Don’t forget a fun clutch that brings out the colors in the scarf with a chunky bracelet. It is important to rock tights but make them work for you by choosing a dark color to help elongate your legs. Finally there is nothing better than a closed toe shoe and definitely nothing better than the classic black heel. Audrey will be smiling down on your as you let your man whisk you away for a night of romance in this chic yet fun date outfit. Easy to transition from the office to the night.

Also don’t forget your favorite coat to pull it all together. I suggest a long white pea coat or maybe even this one from Modcloth.

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  1. Love the illustrations, layout and imagery used on your blog. The way the outfit is laid out here makes everything easy to see, yet aesthetically pleasing. Oh there’s my art student coming out!