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Summer is full of festivals and traipsing about celebrating something in your local community. This weekend we have the Asparagus festival. Yeah you heard me we love celebrating vegetables and fruit here in Traverse City. We also have the Wine and Art festival, Cherry Festival, Great Wakes Festival, Film festival, and the list goes on and on. They are big things around these parts and from time to time you can find me enjoying these celebrations. But what do you wear when you know the sun will be beating, most likely you will sweat, and you will be walking in the grass? Stick to the basics. Grab a comfy cotton tee in a fun color and pair it with a just above knee loose skirt in cotton as well. You will be comfy all day even if sitting on the ground. Make sure to have a purse that can cross your body so both hands are free and wear comfy shoes that still feel fun and girly. Make sure to pack your favorite sunglasses and maybe even a good fedora to keep the sun away.

Are there any festivals in your town? Some that are funny? Ones you avoid? Or maybe ones you cannot wait for?

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