Art to Outfit: Valentines Day

Art to Outfit: Valentines Day  |  The Fresh Exchange

Oh Valentine’s Day… We all have different thoughts and ways we enjoy this day, but this year the good news is it lands on a Friday. This means whether you are single, dreading this day, or head over in heels for someone you have a reason to celebrate. For us, it is Mike’s birthday, so we don’t often do all the classic Valentine’s day things. Instead, I love it because we usually stay home, I cook a great meal, and we enjoy spending time together chatting about his next year of life.

To get inspired for what to wear if you do go out, I decided to dig up an old series so many of you still talk about, give it a new look, and share a look I love no matter what you may want to celebrate on February 14th.

Inspired by Erik Lindman, we pulled together a modern and minimalist outfit. I love the zippers on the jeans that allow you let the pant drape slightly over the boot. Then throw on this oversized chic wool coat with a lace top and a simple necklace and you have a pretty on spot outfit. I always love having one piece that kind of sets off the outfit. I love simplicity, but something about that one pop is what can always make it just work perfectly!

Here is where you can find all the pieces from this outfit:
Necklace  /  Lace Top  /  Coat  /  Clutch  / Pants  / Booties

How do you plan to spend V-day next weekend?


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  1. Hello! I recently stumbled upon your blog and had to tell you how much I love your art to outfit posts. I’ve done something similar on my blog, in which I style a look based on my interpretation of a specific song, but I love your take on it, especially with this minimalist look. Thank you for sharing!

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