An Itch

Lately I have been working almost non-stop other than yesterday the weather interrupted my whole day and gave me the worst headache ever and the worst case of exhaustion I had had in a while. Because I have been working so much I have completely neglected moving into our new space and getting things going over there. On top of that the furniture company has no idea where our couch is, which is awesome right? HA. 

The biggest thing I have been looking forward to with our new space is 1. A garden, which I already blogged about so the 2. is an office space. Currently my space sits in my bedroom at my parent’s house yeah I am cool huh? haha. That being said I am sure you would understand why I am very excited about creating an actual office. I have some very good ideas of what I want and have begun picking out furniture since my make shift desk of a solid wood door and two cabinets is going to turn into a headboard for our bed. So I thought today I would drop in some images of what I have been dreaming of. 

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