Albion Fit Fitness Wear for Women

Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women  |  The Fresh Exchange

As some of you know I grew up as an athlete. Since the day I could walk I was screaming down ski hills, playing tennis, and more importantly kicking a soccer ball. My growing up years were full of soccer practice and dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete. As a college athlete, working out kept me fit, happy, and healthy. When you run more than 6 miles a day and workout for at least 2 hours it isn’t so hard to stay trim.

Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women  |  The Fresh Exchange

Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women  |  The Fresh Exchange

Since leaving college and the intense everyday soccer workouts I have to try to find a balance of how I eat, workout, work and live. It has been no easy task and has taken some serious self-discipline and reflection to reset my mindset on how to live a healthy life as a working adult.

Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women  |  The Fresh Exchange

As I have left my college athlete days behind, I realized how much my body needs daily activity to feel good and strong. I have found that I love intense work out systems like Insanity, P90x, Pilates, and Yoga. You can also find me trail-running through dunes and wooded hiking trails of Leelanau County. It took me a while to really find a renewed passion for working out since soccer was something like a job in school, thus working out was never something I mentally had to force myself to do it was something I was forced to do.

Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women  |  The Fresh Exchange

But now I have a love and new found new passion for working out and taking caring of my body. This is why I am really excited to share with ya’ll a collaboration with Albion Fit fitness and swimwear. Albion Fit is building women’s fitness and swimwear that is meant for the active woman at any stage in their workout goals. They are a family owned company that is focused on green manufacturing in the United States. All those things are just the beginning of why I really love this company.

Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women  |  The Fresh Exchange

Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women  |  The Fresh Exchange

Since I started working out daily and spend a lot of time outdoors, I have found their line to be perfect our daily workouts. Every piece is comfortable and ideal for the active woman, but is also perfect for lounging on a Saturday morning or running errands in the afternoon.

Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women  |  The Fresh Exchange

Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women  |  The Fresh Exchange

One of the pieces I have loved the most has been the Illusion Capris. The fabric is specially designed to keep you dry, comfy, and also tight and trim while you either practice your daily yoga routine or work it out with a trainer. The band flips up or down so it is really comfortable for daily use. The best part is the fabric has a unique look where it compresses and lifts so it makes you look pretty darn awesome in the booty and thigh area. You cannot hate on that.

Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women  |  The Fresh Exchange

Every piece in the line can easily go beyond just your daily workout, which is one of my favorite things. I always feel most comfortable in well structured fitness wear that doesn’t just feel like something I would wear to the gym. I personally find it hard to find pieces that can easily look worthy of street-wear but also perform well while you are sweating. So, this is why I am in love with the fabrics, structure, and style of what Albion Fit is doing.

Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women  |  The Fresh Exchange

Their signature sweatshirt has become a daily favorite on these chilly rainy Summer days and nights. The color and cut feels casual, but paired with a good jean and a cute street shoe it turns in to a sporty outfit great for a day at the desk. Also it is the perfect look to go grocery shopping or to the farmer’s market in. One of the thing you may not be able to see, is the fabric. I’m kind of obsessed with it. It’s not like most sweatshirts, which makes it wash and wear really really well.

Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women  |  The Fresh Exchange

Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women  |  The Fresh Exchange

The best part is with all this is that we are giving away a $200 shopping spree to inspire you to get moving and to get your sweat on. Your body loves it and needs it. If you all are at all like me, new workout clothes help inspire you to get up and get the workout in more often.

So here are are a few of my top picks from their collection. Below you will find all the details to enter the contest and get inspired to get sweating a little or a lot!

Albion Fit Athletic Wear for Women  |  The Fresh Exchange

My favorite items: signature sweatshirt, pinup bikini top, love racerback, gown suit, illusion capris, and go long crew

To enter the giveaway head on over to Albion Fit and take a look and share one of the items you love with us and why you love them in our comment section below.

If you want some extra points pin an item to one of your pin boards and leave the link to the pin in a comment below and/or head to their Facebook page and like their page to keep up with updates and let us know below.

The giveaway will run all week and the winner will be announced next Monday. ——- CONGRATS TO TARA VICTORIA. So excited for you winning the $250 to help you get in gear 🙂

Finally as a little bonus, Albion Fit is offering all TFE readers $20 off any $50 order if you use the discount code, fresh20 , at checkout. The code is good till 8/17/13 so use it while you can!!

Happy Monday you all!!

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  1. The “Go Long” crew is beautiful and looks ideal for a slow, gentle Yin class. Thanks for sharing info about this brand, I’m always looking for green, fair-labor-practicing companies to support.

  2. I am loving the Breathe Freely Tank! Especially in Dewberry to match my bold Asics. Such a comfy piece to throw on on your way to yoga, and finally a cute way to display all of your fun sports bras.

  3. The Sweet Stripe Full Zip (seafoam/grey) is a feminine take on the classic lightweight zip perfect for those mild Michigan nights and autumn days. I’m a sucker for details so, naturally, I was drawn to the ruffle zipper! Liked on Facebook and I pinned their Athena swimsuit. ( Thanks for sharing this amazing brand!

  4. I love the Petal Pant. It’s little ruffles are just the right amount of feminine. Good to be informed about this brand I never heard of before.

  5. I love all of their capris and I could do with the Love Racer top! Also, I have to say that I tried to use the discount code and it didn’t work…

  6. I love the signature hoodie and all the swim wear is so cute! I’m studying to take my personal training certification exam next month and this would be so awesome!

  7. Ah!

    I’m going to be traveling in Europe for six weeks as part of a study abroad program–I’m an architecture student at the University of Cincinnati. I’m already planning on running/doing yoga while I’m there, but I would love to be doing them in Albion Fit apparel!

    I’m already fantasizing of early morning runs–they’d be that much more special with a pair of illusion capris, like a cherry on top!

  8. I am loving that signature sweatshirt and illusion capris!! I’m definitely a sucker for anything that allows me to feel comfortable while still looking great. And not going to lie, I kinda hoard all workout capris/pants, they’re just so dang comfy.

  9. I am in love with the Sweet Stripe Capri bottoms. I just started doing yoga this summer and I absolutely love it! I also really enjoy biking every day. These bottoms would be perfect for both of these! I am also currently a college student preparing for a semester abroad this spring and need to have something versatile like this in my suitcase.

    I liked Albion Fit’s Facebook Page and here is the link to the Sweet Stripe Capri bottoms that I pinned

    Thanks for sharing! Their clothing might be take up most of my suitcase this spring!

  10. I was an athlete my whole life as well – and making the transition from doing it everyday through a team activity to having to discipline yourself to workout on your own is tough! But now it’s become part of my routine and I look forward to it everyday. Great post Meg!

  11. What an awesome giveaway! I recently started a workout routine to get healthy and stay in shape I could totally use some new gear!! I love the petal pant, breath freely tanks, and the signature hoodie!!

  12. What a great giveaway! I recently started a workout routine to get healthy and stay in shape, I could definitely use some new gear!! I’m totally in love with the petal pant, breath freely tank and the signature sweatshirt! Looks like quality stuff and I love the versatility!

  13. I’ve been in the process of selling a lot of my dress clothes (that I needed in college) on ebay. I’m in need of some practical clothing! I like the hoodie.

  14. I recently started running on a (very) regular basis and love it! But finding beautiful and comfy workout wear without any logos, isn’t easy. Thanks for introducing me to Albion Fit! The capris look so nice on you, the pictures are stunning! (also liked on Fb). And love the thumb holes in the go long crews!

  15. I love the Breathe Freely tank in cherry! I’ve been a HUGE fan of flowy tanks this summer, especially for working out. It’s just so nice and breezy to not have something touching your skin all the time.

  16. I love the lounge crop leggings in charcoal. I do yoga and these would be perfect to workout in. The go long crew is amazing too. It’s perfect to wear even when you’re not working out.

  17. I love the Breathe Freely tanks! It is SO hot here in Florida and I am always looking for workout clothes that aren’t skin tight. That bit of breeze circulating between my skin and my shirt is absolutely essential.

  18. love that pink shirt! those clothes look so comfortable and you still look amazing while working out (there aren’t many outfits that do that!) i just love it 🙂

  19. thanks for posting this and bringing the brand to my attention. i love it!!! the go long crew and breat freely tank? both are an absolute must 🙂 don’t get me started on the petal pants 😉

  20. I’m just starting to get back into working out again after having two little girls. I love the breathe freely tank! Cute, longer and flowy! Perfect for a post baby body!

  21. I can’t choose just one item! I love the Surf’s Up Bikini. My swimsuit I’ve been wearing broke, and I have been thinking of getting a new one while I know the good sales are happening. It’s perfect!

    I also love the Sweet Stripe Full Zip, though that one is definitely not in the budget at the moment!

    I love that they are a little family owned green company. They’re definitely my favorite kinds of companies to support!

  22. Hi, I just loved the “balance bemuda” shorts, great for early morning yoga on my beach.
    I just love your little head scarf, would love to know where to buy one. Just love your beautiful blog.

    Kay from Tasmania Australia

  23. The Lounge Crop in Charcoal looks fantastic. I would love to wear a pair to do my morning yoga. Or perhaps they’ll help inspire me to finally make running a true and enjoyable habit.

  24. The illusion capris look so comfortable and functional! I’m going to Salt Lake City this Sunday, so maybe i’ll get a chance to check out the store. I’m going to India in 18 days to practice ashtanga yoga so i’ll have to place an order before then!! I liked their Facebook page too.

  25. What a cool giveaway! Loved all your styled looks, as well. 🙂 On the Albion Fit website, I loved the Breathe Easy tanks, as well as the Serenity tank. I try to work out everyday like you do, whether it be at the gym or taking a long walk during these late summer mornings. The Breathe Easy tank would be perfect to wear on these walks.

  26. Albion’s bathing suits are to die for! That’s how I first discovered them!! I love the Breathe Freely Tank in Ivory and the Sweet Stripe Capris — a little personality in my workout clothes always gives me that extra push of motivation for getting active for the day and I love the sweet effortlessness of the Breathe Freely tank. Also pinned another flowy tank I love here: & liked them on Facebook!

  27. Oh my goodness, I went to look and am now having a hard time leaving without going on a shopping spree! My favorite is the signature hoodie in Belize blue … I love hoodies and comfy weekend clothes but have a hard time finding solid staples that last, and the one you’re wearing is so cute! 🙂

  28. I’m loving the Illusion Capris! Heading into Physical Therapy school in a couple weeks means I’m going to be adding a TON of new workout clothes to my closet. Might as well try to start with a $200 giveaway. 😉

  29. I’m not sure if my first comment went through, so I’m writing it again just in case. 🙂 My absolute favorite thing is the Criss Cross swim suit in plum! I love that it is beautiful, but modest. And the thicker straps are awesome, my shoulders are usually hurting from the thin straps. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win! ~Lynda Ilikevindiesel(at)

  30. The racerback would have to be my favourite piece of this collection. The whole collection looks great, and does look really comfy. I am a fan of versatile waist bands, so to be able to flip it up or down depending on my situation is great.

  31. I love the Illusion Capris! As someone who considers herself a definite work in progress, the capris compression and built in lift give me an extra confidence boost in the gym. I don’t feel so self-conscience and can concentrate on my workout better. Love them!