The Acceptance of Imperfection

The Acceptance of Imperfection |  The Fresh Exchange

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In my 27 years I have spent more often than not wishing I could be something I was not. I craved a different type of body, “success” in my business that I felt had not been achieved, a home or space that felt out of reach, or a relationship that I felt was nothing like what I had or could have. It has taken significant time and maturing to realize that perfect isn’t so perfect after all. I know it is easy to say those words, and I have said them many times to myself, but I felt lately that I am more happy than ever with the imperfect. In fact, this weekend I tweeted “The moment you accept that imperfect is more beautiful and full of joy, than perfect is a good moment.”  I was feeling extremely grateful and joyful for exactly how life was this weekend after returning home from Nashville. Our house was a mess…a complete mess, but  nothing felt better than home. I felt this deep ache for the feeling of staying put, and I realized I didn’t want perfect with the perfectly curated corner or the bed made just as my grand mother taught me during the summers I spent with her.  Instead I wanted the couch cuddles from the dogs.  I wanted a business that was in a deep stage of growth and kind of feeling like an awkward teenager. I realized I wanted a porch that was covered in spilled birdseed because the squirrels had a hay day, and I wanted a table with leftovers from a late evening with neighbors who make us laugh and realize how beautiful life is.

Too often I get caught up in waiting for perfection in every inch of my life.  I think it is the designer in me, but what I am growing to learn is that imperfect is more beautiful. Imperfections are what define us as different from others. More importantly imperfections allow for joy, acceptance, and room to live. Honestly I love that life is about to turn upside down.  Sure I am stressed with what is coming in the next few weeks, but what I know is that there is true beauty and opportunity for life in all of the commotion of moving, going North for the summer, and traveling for long hours.

Over the years I have been more gracious with myself in my design process with imperfections. In fact I have found some serious joy and a voice within the curve that doesn’t align perfectly. I love how it offers somewhat of a look behind the curtain or gives the idea that a real person had their hands on it. I value that in my own work. The day I accepted those things in my hand drawn work and embraced it, I felt such a release and ownership of what was real and within who I was. I think the more we embrace the things that truly make us who we are and seem “imperfect” to the rest of the world, the more true joy and fulfillment we find in life and within ourselves.

I hope you each had a wonderful weekend full of relaxation, friends, family, and celebration. This week is going to be a wild one, but let’s make it rock!

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  1. I absolutely couldn’t agree more. I went through a divorce 2 years ago and it made me completely redefine what I wanted/wanted out of life and relationships. Life is better imperfect. I’m happy not being the most successful of my friends. I’m bracing being 5 feet even 😉

    I’m glad you’re happy. This is duchy a beautifully written post. ❤️

  2. Hello,
    Perfection is not real. I learn this over and over again in so many ways. I think that’s why it causes us stress. Perfection is not meant to be.
    I strive for a lived-in life. Newspapers and magazines to be read. Pillows that don’t match on the couch. And dishes in the sink. That’s perfect to me.
    Great post and I love your blog.

  3. Great post Megan! It’s too time consuming to worry about being perfect. As I have gotten older, I have learned to embrace my flaws and be true to myself. I try not to spend time worrying about what I could have done differently yesterday or what I should do tomorrow. Learning to be content with who you are and what you have is a great lesson!

  4. This was so beautiful and needed on this Tuesday morning! With a pile of laundry to do from our roadtrip the past few days, a stack of work to catch up on and an overstuffed email inbox, I’m savoring the business of it all. It’s a good feeling. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  5. Let’s make it rock, indeed. Acceptance is a process but I’m so thankful for the time, space, and wisdom we’re apparently both receiving 🙂 wishing you a great week ahead!

  6. Wonderfully put. I used to be far too concerned about making mistakes, but I’m now much better at recognising those that are unimportant and embracing the way in which I’m imperfect, and I’m much more at ease with myself as a person because of this.
    Perfection is subjective and therefore not real!

  7. Such wise words. I just love your blog and everything you and Mike stand for… I came across this quote today that seems appropriate: “There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfects.”

    Thank YOU for setting such a great example.

  8. Those words are truly the wisest. I’m having the same stage right now. Realising all that, how liberating it just makes you feel right?

  9. Couldn’t agree more. Been convicted of this myself lately. Loved this quote I stumbled upon the other day. It’s been a powerful one for me…hope it strikes a cord for you as well during this season..

    “What messes our life up most is the expectation of what our life is supposed to look like.” -Ann Voskamp


  10. Couldn’t agree more with you. We would not put so much preassure on ourselves if we keps this in mind.
    I’m a new fan of your blog 🙂 Cristina, Spain

  11. I’m 25 years old and still going through an “awkward teenager” phase in life. What I think is holding me back from pursuing my passion is the fear that I won’t do it all perfectly. This blog post came at just the right time. Thanks so much for sharing your insight. Time to embrace the unsettled feeling and make something beautiful with it!


  12. This post is so beautiful. I so agreed on this. Accepting imprefection really makes our lives better. Less stress, more happiness. Thank you for putting your thoughts and sharing with us all. Happy weekend!