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Okay so I didn’t blog yesterday with that normal Monday Inspiration that I love doing because yesterday we made the executive decision to move into our new place. It was overly exhausting to say the least and I thought just may I would sneak a post in but it just didn’t happen. 
Since our new place is still under a little construction my office is temporarily for the next month at a friends house. So these are all major adjustments to my schedule as well as just all the details of moving. Don’t get me wrong I love a new space and the space we are moving into is going to be so nice in comparison to the little house we were in. Thought it was cute I was starting to find spiders on a regular basis and mice were moving in so I am okay with a nice new clean space. Not a big fan of the creepy crawly friends living with me. 
So nothing in our life is put away and I am about two days behind on work and emails so until I catch up I will not be posting very regularly. Unfortunately my blog is a non-necessary of my work 🙁 so I have to get things done before I post on the normal schedule. Hoping I can pull some late nighters and get all caught up and be back to normal by Thursday or Friday. I don’t like being off. I love writing and inspiring so it is a huge incentive to get everything done so I can be back here like I am normally. 
Anyways all this to say hang in there I will be back to normal soon enough 🙂 the rest of my life may not be but at least the blog will! ha. 
Happy Tuesday Friends!
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