A Real Hobbit Home

While flipping through my list of blogs I religiously follow like I do at least once a week. I saw this super cool home that was built by a welch man. It was featured and posted on A Cup of Joe who always has some great stuff she is talking about. But I had to drop in the photos she had of this cute home.

Who didn’t dream about how cool it would to be Frodo…okay well maybe everybody did but I thought it sounded like fun or at least the Shire did. So not to go geek on you guys but this is cool.

Architecture always interests me because of growing up with a father who was an architect and being apart of the building of other people’s homes, our own home, and remodeling homes from a young age. So when I see things like this I am always in awe knowing the process.

Check out the article on the people’s blog: Love For Life

They show the whole process of building it!!

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