A Rainy Day Wedding

I saw this wedding last week on Once Wed and have been in love with how gorgeous it is and truthfully, I am sure they didn’t plan this, but the rain is what made it so beautiful and unique. Also, I love her dress and remember trying it on thinking if I was getting married in October or November this would be the one. 

This wedding gives me hope that even if my wedding day is rainy that if I mentally make the most of it and embrace it it will be the perfect wedding meant for Mike and I. You just get nervous when you are doing an outdoor wedding with the only indoor backup is a leaky barn haha.  Ironically this barn looks identical to the one we are using for our wedding, but this for sure made me fall in love with the idea of a black and white wedding. Finally someone did it right! 
Anyways, check out the photographer, Braedon Photography who shot it for them. It is beautiful and looks like something out of a J.Crew catalogue!

Below I posted a couple of my favorite shots that I pulled from Once Wed. Love it.

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