A Nautical Michigan Wedding

I love seeing weddings in Michigan simply because I know we live in one of the best places to get married other than California or Texas in the Spring. So when I saw this wedding pop up on LaBelle Bride I just needed to post it. 

Not only is the location awesome (Holland, Michigan) but I am completely in love with the bride’s dress and I just forwarded this on to my stylist because I want my hair just like her’s it’s the style I have been thinking of for my hair on the day of that whispy romantic look. 

The bride and groom just are so classic and beautiful together and I love how Harrison captured the day. So beautiful! This is just so Michigan in every way!

Love it.

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  1. Ask Megan – I need to come up with a reading for a friend's wedding. They have given me full reign to read just about anything. They aren't religious and would prefer a commentary on life, love, or marriage. Any suggestions?