A Holiday Playlist

The Perfect Holiday Playlist | The Fresh Exchange

It is the time of year when it is completely okay to finally listen to holiday music without restraint. If you are anything like us, it is playing on and off all day. We have gathered a list of some of our favorite Christmas tunes from all genres and years. Some are classics and some are brand new.

Since we no longer live in Michigan where the snow begins to signal the onset of the holiday season, we have learned to use Christmas music, decorations, and more to get us in the spirit. I love the magic of this time of year, but sometimes without the snow it feels less than magical than it used to for us in the snowy north.

To get into the holiday spirit with us you can listen to our playlist which will continue to grow this season on Spotify. Find the playlist here.

Would love to hear any of your playlists as well. Feel free to leave a link to your playlist below.

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