A Fresh New Look

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So you may have noticed but things have changed around here. They have changed in big ways huh? Well I am really excited about this new site as it has been in the making on the side for a while. Ever since our time in Europe I have been wanting to make some big changes here. I was sick of having gorgeous images and only 500 pixels really to share them with you all so having bigger images was a big thing for me, but also I wanted a smarter site. It goes beyond aesthetics.

Mike and I design a lot of websites and I saw all these amazing features and we both wanted to geek it out a little. Some things are still being worked on but if you are viewing this on a retina display (say your ipad or macbook pro) you will notice how crisp and pretty it is, huh? Yeah the old stuff won’t be but we are trying to make this space as inspiring and beautiful as possible for whatever device you are on. You will also notice it works so perfectly on EVERY device, which makes me happy!

Finally I really wanted to make our content easier to access and refer to so you will see to the right over there that we have a new area called, Features. Go ahead and click. We are still adding content in there and making it super awesome, but now you can get to almost any Just 5 super easy, see all the places we have traveled, and so on. I want this to be an easy place to navigate, hang out in, and be inspired. No more scrolling or searching for features my friends!

Lastly and a big one especially with Google Reader going away was adding an email subscription. I have not had one and thought it was a little weird, but a lot of you have asked for one and so I caved.

I wish I could say that is it, but this is not the end of the changes. There is more to come but you will have to wait till next week. We are trying to keep things Fresh since that’s part of the whole thing, right?! We want to keep you all wanting to hang here and get inspired and to me that means keeping things changing, adjusting, and feeling all new. Kind of like your favorite magazine. All the good things you love, but just a little different from time to time. yeah? Yeah.

So welcome to the new Fresh Exchange. This is why I didn’t blog yesterday. I was knee deep in edits and changes. This thing has been fun but I am so glad to get moving and shaking in this new space. It has also been why I have been holding off on some of our coolest content. Just wait…it will be prettier here!

Happy Tuesday friends! Stay inspired. Do what you love. Stay fresh.

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  1. ahh, megan, this looks amazing! i don’t have retina display, but am on a more basic mac and can definitely see a difference with the clarity and brightness of photos and images and text — like the just 5 carrots! — it all looks completely dope. love you and mike working together 🙂

  2. This looks so amazing! Really great stye, I love the buttons on the side. Good luck with all the new changes in your life, there are really quite a few!

  3. I’m loving the new look! I’m very excited to see how your content will transform beyond 500px width. My own blog is pretty wide too and although I sometimes struggle with it I do love it so much better. Now inspire me!! And huge congrats on the responsiveness, still working on improving it on my own blog. It makes such a huge difference!!

  4. Love it! I enjoy that it’s a responsive design. I’ve been building my redesign around being responsive and I hope more bloggers will follow suite. 🙂 Great job guys!

  5. This place is looking great! (It was especially exciting to look at it on my phone this morning!)

    Can’t wait to see what else you two have in store.

  6. I love it! Very fresh, clean and pretty 😉 And responsive is the way to be … I resisted for a long time but now seeing how well my site renders on my phone/tablet while using a responsive theme … it’s worth adjusting my thought process. The days of sitting at a computer looking at a full sized website/blog all the time are over, gotta roll with it!