An Ode to The Longest Day of The Year

The longest Day of the year. We will feel golden today. The Fresh Exchange

The pinnacle.
The peak.
We have reached it.
We now will enjoy the longest day of light.
Find your way to the sun.
Soak up every last ounce of this day.
Soak it up and store it up deep in your soul.
We will need it on the dark days of winter.
It is of utmost importance to feel and experience any beautiful day, but today, it is the brightest of them all.
Summer is beginning today.
The days will begin to get darker again without much realization.
Though summer is only beginning, we must be sure to not miss these sweet moments.
They pass quickly and without warning disappear.
It is the analogy we need in our life to remind ourselves to live fully each day.
So today as the solstice arrives go to your favorite place to feel the sun.
Eat outside.
Lay on the beach.
Dive into the water.
Ride your bike.
Taste the world around you.
Be aware of how long the sun lingers overhead.
Take note of how you feel today.
Feel golden.

For this is summer. This is when we live deeply, abundantly, endlessly.

Do not let this day go unnoticed or unmarked. Feel this moment as much as you can.
Summer is alive. In return, we should feel alive with it.

Happy solstice my friends. Mark today. Celebrate it. This is the beginning of summer.

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  1. Uh roar a roar for Nora – Nora Alice in the night = for she has seen aurora = aurora burning bright, A fur0r for our Nora – and applaud aurora seen..Oh where through-out the winter has our borealis been.