Monday Words: Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday Words: Martin Luther King Jr. | The Fresh Exchange

Happy MLK day! I felt it only approriate to use today’s Monday Words to share a great reminder from Dr. King himself. His words are so true even years later that there is nothing that Light and Love cannot fight in this world.

Let his these words of his be a reminder that even in these moments of mass shootings, terrorist attacks, racial inequality, and much pain and loud voices yelling over one another for presidential status we amongst ourselves can bring these two simple things into our own community and to those we love.

Do you have a favorite MLK quote? Share if so!

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  1. i think it’s really important to remember that Dr. King was a radical who called for disobeying unjust laws, taking direct nonviolent action, and generally pushing back against the united states’ racist MO, not a peace-love-n-light loving hippie like he’s often made out to be. with that in mind, i read his “letter from a birmingham jail” yesterday, and highly recommend it! it’s very hard to isolate a favorite quotation.