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  1. Awesome! I knew I saw that Porsche before…I was headed to my car in the Amway Grand Plaza ramp and the decals caught my eye! Fun coincidence that I follow your blog as well. 🙂 Very neat.

  2. I just looked at all of the posts from this trip and I’m honestly in shock at how cool it is. I just have one complaint though… you don’t go to the UP 😉 that’s where I live! I saw that your wrote that you two haven’t traveled up here yet and you really must. It’s incredibly beautiful up here!

    1. It was on the schedule but we got too far behind the day we were supposed to cross the bridge 🙁 really sad! I have been a few times we just have never done it together. Looking forward to exploring more next Summer. So glad you heard about the road trip though it seriously is such a great trip!